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The life and times of a young writer.

…that awkward moment when an argument makes you like somebody more 😕

"Taurus’s are dumb"

I commend those who move on without a second look at the past. It took me a long time to even get where I am now.

I believe exes can be friends. I feel like when you have a certain amount of love and/or trust there, it doesn’t leave because of a break up. If you were with a toxic person though, who didn’t truly love you, no. Y’all cannot be friends.

Beyoncé + Tour/Show Costumes

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The reality of life is, not everybody in your life is permanent. Still, some people you meet and think “yea this person is gonna be around for a while” even though God has other plans. It’s hard to let go when you expected a lifetime with somebody. It’s hard to make those permanent changes to your life that make that a reality. They’re gone, and they’re not coming back… but why would you want that anyway?

4am and I’m in my feelings yuck




I’ll see you Friday bae



I’ll see you Friday bae

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“Tell her she’s beautiful when you’re eating her out.”

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Wow. *screenshots for bae*

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Homecoming just got even betterrrrr. 😌

Me and bae… I mean Tyson Beckford. 😔
Congratulations @tysoncbeckford on being honored tonight! The party was amazing and the gifts were great.. Read about Tyson’s Exceptional Journey and the party that honored it, hosted by Courvoisier on my blog 😊